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Biking is a fun and healthy way to get to work. It's an excellent way to save money on gas, help protect the environment, and stay in shape - all at the same time! There are many bike lanes, routes, and trails within the Central Oklahoma region. Many commuters enjoy biking to work, while others incorporate it with another form of alternative transportation such as taking the bus or carpooling. Remember, even if you have a long commute, many busses have bike racks so you can easily mix and match your bike commute when taking the bus.

When you create a free account with, you can not only see what bike routes might work best for your commute, but you can also find "bike buddies." Many cyclists feel more comfortable if they ride in a group. If you are interested in finding someone to bike with, simply click the bike icon under the interests section when creating your account. will then search the regional database to see if there is anyone who has a similar commute schedule and route as you.

Happy biking - be safe out there!